Overview of twitch casino

As twitch started getting noticed by people, they begin to use it to stream online casino games and even music broadcast as more people joined. You can visit onlinecasino-jewel online for more details about twitch.

How to watch a stream on Twitch

Are you a twitch fan, and you want to know how to watch stream on twitch? Just go to the official twitch website, www.twitch.tv and use the search bar to search for any channel or subject of choice.

To see Live channel streaming, just click on the live icon in the top left corner of any channel you wish to watch from the list of the searched channels results, and that's all.

Creating a twitch account

Creating a twitch account is not compulsory. It’s optional, if all you want to do is just to view as a viewer. But, having a registered account would help you to keep record of all the streamers you are following.

Having a registered account as a user will afford you the opportunity to initiate conversation with all the streamers you are following and as well receive push notification from them anytime they go live on twitch.

How to start a stream on Twitch

It is easy and not tedious at all to start streaming on twitch, but first, you need to create a free twitch account, this usually takes some few minutes when you click on register on twitch website.

After you have successfully created the twitch account, verified it via email link received, the next thing to do is to download the twitch streaming software which you will use to connect to the twitch for any broadcast.

Twitch streaming software

The downloaded twitch streaming software will allow you to capture and publish video content to the twitch effortlessly. There are different twitch software, but for casino streaming, you can download Open Broadcast Software which is good for beginners.

After you have downloaded your chosen streaming software, there is need for you to connect it with your already registered twitch account. To do this, a stream Key is required which can be found on the twitch dashboard.

Settings for twitch

On twitch setting, you can do so many things like playing with the video setting, choosing an image you want to display on your channel video player when you are not online, and many more.

There is what will call twitch community where viewers can connect with streamers base on user area of interest. If you are a casino lover, there is community directory where you can find different casino streamers online.